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Clearpak Inc. is a North American leader in creative packaging solutions. Our experienced design and production team delivers packaging solutions, using high quality materials and equipment to create a superior finished product. We coordinate your project and work with your design team from initial concept & design, to the finished product. Clearpak delivers effective packaging solutions to meet your specific needs.

Clearpak is committed to delivering a quality product on time and on budget. To do this, we continually invest in the latest equipment that will provide our customers with the best possible results. At Clearpak, we will continue to expand in order to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Clearpak is always willing to produce quality samples for your consideration and approval. We use state of the art AutoCAD systems to layout your design and maximize material usage. We then produce your samples in the chosen materials and thickness that best suits your design needs.

Win as much as 675% increase in eye-tracking fixation with a 343% increase in fixation duration on your product. Consumers can find products in a clamshell 40% faster and engage with it easily resulting in up to 500% more sales.


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