Looking After Our Planet: Sustainability Starts Here in Clear Packaging

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Clearpak is dedicated to an extremely high standard to protect our environment. Our sustainability practices are the core of our business. 

How Clearpak looks after our planet:

Our dedication to the planet is three fold.

  1. We use sustainable material that is best suited for the application.
  2. We design economically and efficiently.
  3. We pack and ship your products to maximum the amount of product per skid. 

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Recycling Program: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Recover

At Clearpak we have a strong culture based around the environment and our recycling program. We look at all material properties and we select the best fit for your product and application. We find that this will reduce waste and creates longevity in the life of the packageand alsoreduces package failure and returns. When possible we choose material that already has a percentage of post-consumer recycled material in it, recovering and re-using our waste.

Clearpak recycles all waste materials and plastics. We pride ourselves on being involved in a very innovative recycling program. We start by separating all material into bins by their recycling designation. When these are full they are taken to a recycling plant where they are melted down in low heat. This processes our waste into new material or other products for the textile, auto and construction industries.

By Design: Material and Nesting:            

We offer customers a wide range of high-performance materials to meet project requirements. These materials offer optimum product integrity that is environmentally responsible all at a reasonable cost.

When possible we design using material with recycled content. This helps to conserve our resources. These materials also minimize energy use, water consumption and CO2 emissions.

We design packaging with the environment in mind. We nest our designs as close as possible so that the designs interweave. This practice maximizes the usable area of the material and minimizes the amount of waste produced

Efficient packaging and shipping:                            

When preparing your items for shipping we use corrugated shippers that provide a perfect fit for your items. We pack these corrugated cases tight to achieve the best yield possible per case.  This dense corrugated case lends itself well to maximum pallet layout will saving you and your company money in shipping.

Download Our Sustainability Commitment 

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