Our New Look, More Information on Visual Packaging Impact

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Our New Look, More Information on Visual Packaging Impact

Clearpak.com offers a wealth of information on visual packaging impact through our creative transparent packaging solutions, materials, ideas and style descriptions. 

After months of hard work we are very pleased to welcome you to our new home online, with a new look and feel. We felt the need to update our look, reformat the information and add new content on www.Clearpak.com  that is both informative and user friendly.  We have put a lot of time into thinking about how you will navigate this space and what content will speak to you. Transparent packaging is no different than any other market where consumers want information and to know exactly what it is they are buying. 

We have added a ton of new features to the website.

  1. A blog that will be updated twice a month. We will let you know about upcoming events, shows as well as all the exciting and innovative Clearpak news. 
  2. We also have a page detailing some of the most popular styles, structures and closures in the plastic folding carton industry.
  3. An e-store for purchasing unbranded overruns will be added in the near future. 
  4. A materials section that detail the plastics, the uses and the corresponding recycling symbol and logo.
  5. A fantastic article about how we have embedded sustainability into the Clearpak culture

This is the first stage of our website launch. We will continue to improve this site and add relevant content and videos to keep our customers up to date with current information. Please have a look around and enjoy the new sections and features.

Please send us your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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